Squeezed light for GEO600

GEO SqueezerSince 2007, the Quantum Interferometry Group has been tackling the task of designing and fabricating the first squeezed light laser for gravitational wave (GW) detectors, and bringing it into application in GEO600. This new kind of laser utilizes entangled photons in order to improve the sensitivity of GW detectors. The phrase ‘squeezed light’ was coined, because it shows a reduced uncertainty in the photon number counting statistics.
The Hannover squeezed light laser was finished in 2010 in the laboratories of the Albert-Einstein-Institute. Implementation and all tests were passed with flying colours. Now, GEO600 uses two lasers: its standard laser of about 10 W power and the squeezed light laser, which improves the sensitivity of GEO600 with just a few entangled photons per second. The concept was proposed 30 years ago, and has been now realized in Hannover for the first time.
This success was published in the journal “Nature Physics”.

Read Nature Physics article here. The arXiv version can be found here.

The project "Squeezed Light for GEO600" was selected by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in 2009/2010 for DFG Science TVThe Wave Hunters

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