A light field can couple to the motion of a mechanical oscillator through its radiation pressure. Recent research has shown that this coupling can be used to generate and observe quantum mechanical properties of mechanical devices being visible to the naked eye.

The Quantum-Interferometry group experimentally and theoretically researches the quantum mechanical coupling between light and mechanical oscillators in view of possible sensitivity enhancements of gravitational wave detectors and the generation of entangled motions of mechanical oscillators.
Opto Mechanics
An extremely light SiN membrane with an effective mass of below 50ng is exposed to laser light in a Michelson-Sagnac interferometer. The goal is the observation of quantum signatures of the membrane oscillation.

Quantum opto-mechanical experiments with 100 g mirrors are in the preparation stage. Currently a low noise interferometer platform of 10 m size is being setup at the Albert-Einstein Institute for this purpose.

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